downtown Vancouver elopement

Downtown Vancouver elopement: Roya + James

Roya and James contacted us to photograph their downtown Vancouver elopement past August. I love how they created an experience, entirely catered to them and their closest loved ones!

Roya is Persian, and as you might know it’s tradition to have a BIG wedding. So by eloping instead, she definitely went against the grain! She and James made things legal on a different day and did the celebration in wedding attire on the day we met up with them!

I love how Roya’s parents set up a beautiful sofreh, despite there not being a ceremony, and included a few traditions! Afterwards, everyone joined us at the Venet sculpture on Sunset Beach for family photos!

The benefit of having your elopement in Downtown Vancouver, is that within a short distance, there are so many amazing locations. So for the two of them it was possible to go from the apartment, to Sunset Beach and Second beach within a two hour timeframe!

I loved how relaxed Roya and James were with each other! They were clearly determined to have a good time. 🙂 And of course I also loved the beautiful outdoor locations! We’re so blessed to have a downtown area that has ocean and amazing forest!

Speaking of beautiful locations… The sunset was so beautiful that Jelger and I both kinda wanted to take a photo from the same angle. 😉 I’ll share the behind the scenes photo below, lol. Totally worth it!

Roya and James, thank you very much for trusting us with your memories! We had a fun time with you and your family.


Behind the scenes

This is how we photographed those last two photos… 😉 Can you guess who shot what?

Thank you for the photo, Roya’s brother! 🙂

Downtown Vancouver elopement photos

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