Stanley Park elopement in Vancouver

Stanley Park elopement: Jen + Robin

Jen and Robin’s timing for their Stanley Park elopement couldn’t have been more perfect! If you’re familiar with Stanley Park, you know there’s only a brief window of time each year to admire the beautiful cherry blossoms in the Rose Garden. And guess where Jen and Robin had their first look… 😉 It was absolutely stunning! But regardless of the blossoms, Robin’s reaction was the best about the whole scene. He kept looking at Jen with the same admiration throughout the rest of the day. 🙂

I’m extra happy they got to witness Stanley Park at its best, because they flew to Vancouver from Calgary for their elopement! And both of their moms and Jen’s sister and partner joined them. Not that the park is not beautiful when it’s raining, lol, but sunshine definitely feels better, lol.

Jen was game for a little walk on the beach after their first look! I always love when a bride isn’t afraid of getting her dress a little dirty. 😉 Also kudos for Robin braving some rocks with dressed (slippery) shoes. It was definitely worth it, because somehow the beach looked extra West Coasty that day. Don’t you love how this is in Vancouver, but it looks like you’re on some wild beach in the middle of nowhere?

Jelger and I enjoyed the ceremony, officiated by Laura! She offered everyone (including Jelger and I) a rescue remedy candy at the beginning of the ceremony and took her time to create a very peaceful energy. Getting married in the forest has a specific vibe. There’s truly nothing like it.

I wanted to share this little part of Jen and Robin’s ceremony, that I felt touched by. All of us in a relationship can relate to it and it’s so important to take a moment and reflect.

“May your love deepen and be a never-ending source of strength for you both, especially when life gets tough. May you continue to stand for each other, even when the other pushes you away. And may you continue to recognize the humour in the silly made-up words, and the humble, honest and quiet qualities that mean so much to you today. “

Jen and Robin, thanks so much for having me and Jelger join you! We hope you have a fun filled Summer ahead!


Stanley Park elopement vendors:

Wedding officiant: Laura Bee

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