Brix & Mortar elopement

Brix & Mortar elopement: Vivien + Trevor

Trevor booked us for his and Vivien’s Brix & Mortar elopement no longer than 4 days in advance! Talking about spontaneity, these two win and I love it! 🙂 They decided to just go for it!

Their wedding ceremony, witnessed by only the closest family, took place in the beautiful glass-covered  courtyard (no rain plans needed here!). Afterwards, we strolled through Yaletown with the two of them. Vivien seemed to know everyone, because passersby constantly greeted her! She used to work in a local store before and clearly people loved her. 🙂 Trevor is an engineer who builds bridges way up North in British Columbia and he flew down before the wedding.

It wouldn’t be Vancouver without greenery nearby. It’s one of the things I personally appreciate so much about living here! The city aims to have a green space within a 5 minute walk for every resident. 🙂 So we enjoyed spending a bit of time in an adorable little green park, before continuing our urban explorations.

Vivien and Trevor, thank you so much for having us! We hope you’ll have many more super spontaneous fun moments in your married life!


Brix & Mortar elopement photos

More elopement info

Brix opened as one of the first venues in Vancouver for elopements and intimate weddings after the COVID-19 lockdown. I’m happy they relaunched so fast, because it’s such a beautiful space! (and you don”t need any rain plans thanks to their covered outdoor area). And should you feel concerned about organizing a wedding or elopement pending the COVID-19 measures, the venue has put all kinds of safety measures in place. Check out the Brix & Mortar website with more info about their elopement options here.

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