Lost Lagoon elopement

Lost Lagoon elopement: Jessica + Fayez

Jessica and Fayez chose Lost Lagoon for their elopement photos because they love the area. Fayez even used to volunteer there as a bird watcher! Thanks to the two of them Jelger and I rediscovered this magical spot. It had been one of the first places we visited when immigrating to Vancouver ourselves. And we saw our first raccoon in the wild at Lost Lagoon! (In Belgium raccoons only live in the zoo, hehe) Funny enough that was the same case for Jessica, who met her first raccoon during our photo time together! Raccoon photo bomb! 😉

Fayez moved to Vancouver a couple of years ago and Jessica joined him more recently. During our first zoom chat, the two of them were still quarantining together after Jessica’s flight to Vancouver. Kudos to making it here and getting married during the pandemic!

This spontaneous duo planned pretty much their entire elopement in two days, give or take some of the details. Because of the ever changing weather forecast, they decided to have the ceremony in a beautiful suite of the Westin Bayshore hotel. Their guests tuned in digitally (at 1 am for them)! And it was a large group too, haha. The times we live in, where you can attend a wedding in the middle of the night taking place on the other side of the world. 😉

They talked extensively about their love and appreciation for the simple things in life. I get goosebumps thinking about how precious this is and such a sage way to start your married life together. Heck, it’s just perfect life advise at all times. 😉 Especially right now, the more we appreciate the simple things, the richer our lives become.

Thank you Jessica and Fayez, it was an honour to be your witnesses. I hope you encounter many more raccoons and birds and that you’re getting to explore a lot of BC nature together soon.


Lost Lagoon elopement vendors:

Commissioner: Linda Cohen

Hotel: The Westin Bayshore Hotel Vancouver

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