Kitsilano elopement

Kitsilano elopement: Flora + Jack

Let me take you back to summer with this beautiful Kitsilano elopement. Flora and Jack love the Kitsilano area and chose it as the backdrop for their intimate wedding. They celebrated surrounded by their closest friends. The couple will throw a bigger party with family in the UK a later point in time. But Covid didn’t get to spoil the fun and they decided to go ahead and create amazing memories in Vancouver first.

From the beginning when chatting with these two, they wanted it all to be about having a good time! And part of that is of course feeding your guests, hehe. They treated their friends on cake with champagne and authentic sausage rolls. Jack confessed he was a bit nervous the day before the wedding and to have a something to do, he hand made A LOT of sausage rolls. They looked amazing and everyone raved about them! And of course I love the moment when Jack and Flora fed each other a sausage roll. 😉

Another one of my favourite moment from their elopement, was when they were officially pronounced husband and wife. So much excitement! And as always I cherished the candid moments. (In case you’re wondering what I mean with candid, I wrote a blog about all the different “candid” out there. check it out here!)

Thank you so much inviting us to your elopement guys! It meant a lot to join you during these crazy times. 🙂


Kitsilano Elopement photos

Are you considering a Kitsilano elopement yourself? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us here and we’d love to help you out! A couple of things to keep in mind is that this area can be quite busy, so especially your timing can be important! If you’re not from Vancouver and are curious to find out more about Kitsilano, you can read about it here.

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