Spanish Banks elopement

Spanish Banks elopement: Chelsea + Mark

Chelsea and Mark provided us with a beautiful concept for their Spanish Banks elopement. They loved the big willow trees as a backdrop for their ceremony, but other than that we could go anywhere and have fun! 🙂

The two of them told us that because of Covid-19 they now both work at home doing visual FX and managed to complete an entire movie working from there. Very impressive! Jelger and I are convinced that if you can work from home as a couple, you’ve got things figured out in your relationship. It’s a great pre-wedding test. 😉

This duo also drove all the way across Canada together from Nova Scotia. I’m inspired to try something similar when everything calms down again!

With both of their families living far away, a spontaneous elopement seemed like the perfect idea. We couldn’t agree more. Spanish Banks offers a lot of options for an elopement and there’s always space on the beach. In this case because of the weather predictions of rain, we enjoyed a lot of privacy! Hardly any beachgoers walked by.

Thank you so much for having us Chelsea and Mark! We hope the travel bans lift soon, so you can enjoy more time in Memphis and that you’re having an amazing summer!


PS: I added a couple of behind-the-scenes photos at the end. Most of the time I forget to take them, but not today! How do you like Jelger’s big smile?

Spanish Banks elopement photos

Behind the scenes

Always excited to be a witness! And kudos to officiant Linda Cohen for coming prepared with a giant bottle of hand sanitizer. I figured I’d include it in a couple of photos, because after all this would be the only sign of Covid-19 :). We are grateful for photographing outdoors!

And how would I take photos from faaaar away without Jelger telling our clients what to do. 😉

Are you planning your own Spanish Banks elopement in Vancouver? Get in touch with us here, or check out more elopement photographs on our blog and find inspiration!