Spanish Banks engagement photos

Engagement photos at Spanish Banks: Michelle + Connor

Taking engagement photos at Spanish Banks never gets old! So of course we were excited when Michelle and Connor chose to go there! And the day was extra special, being Michelle’s birthday.

As we always do (unless we’re in the middle of nowhere, hehe), we started our time together with a drink! And soon we found out these two have a great sense of humour. And a love for animals. Which reminds me: anyone knows how to smuggle llamas into the UBC botanical gardens, let me know. (that includes without being banned forever, lol) Or alpacas if llamas are out of the question.

UBC has a special meaning for these two, as they’re also getting married here! So it was only fitting to stay in the area for their engagement photos. With the forest right next to the beach, it’s just the perfect spot to enjoy different kinds of nature!

Spending time in nature with our couples, while goofing around, is the best part of our job! There’s something about nature that allows people to be just that little freer and grounded. It’s hard to exactly describe what I mean, but the city is not the same.

We’re extra fortunate to meet likeminded people through our photography. In this case, we didn’t only share a love for furry creatures, but also for hiking! Shortly after our shoot, this adventurous duo hiked the famous West Coast Trail! It’s very inspiring to us to hear about how they prepare for this and how light they manage to pack their backpacks. Compared to these two we’re rookies, but definitely working on changing it. 😉

Thanks so much for a fun evening, Michelle and Connor! We’re so excited about photographing your wedding next year!


Engagement photos at Spanish Banks

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