Couple photos in North Vancouver

Couple photos in North Vancouver: Evelyn + Alex

When looking at their couple photos in North Vancouver, you might think this duo feels familiar to you. And yes, that’s right! Last Summer we photographed their beautiful wedding. We recently got to photograph their “engagement session” almost in time for their first wedding anniversary. 😉

It felt so good being out and about in nature again with great people! Especially after the long break because of Covid-19! We’re so lucky to have so much beautiful nature close to the city with plenty of private spaces to ourselves. The people (and dogs!) that we encountered on the trails were very respectful.

During the last weeks of the lockdown, Jelger and I ventured out a bit more in nature. Our 425 square foot apartment felt a bit too much like a prison by then. 😉 And while on one of those explorations, we came across an amazing location in North Vancouver that offered so much beauty! The river has a lot of beautiful access points and the forest features both deciduous and evergreen trees. Fun fact, part of this location used to be a landfill. Can you imagine that after seeing these photos? I’m glad Evelyn and Alex trusted our ideas and went along without seeing previous photos from this location.

Another funny side note, these two were definitely in better shape than we were after quarantine! Evelyn is a personal trainer (A great one too! Check out her work!) and even built her own sled for sled-pushing during the time when the gyms weren’t accessible. 😉 I definitely had to step it up, when walking uphill.

Thank you for having us take your couple photos Evelyn and Alex! This session meant a lot and we hope we can do it again sometimes!


Couple photos in North Vancouver

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