Lynn Canyon engagement photos

Lynn Canyon engagement: Katie + Andrew

Lynn Canyon in North Vancouver is such a gorgeous location for engagement photos! We were excited to explore the lush forest with Katie and Andrew, who visited all the way from New York! (and even more exciting, they’re getting married here soon and we’ll be there!) Andrew is originally from Vancouver and Katie from Guam, but the two of them met in San Fransisco and now live in the Big Apple. 🙂 Talking about an international duo!

When first arriving at Lynn Canyon Park, it was clear we wouldn’t be all by ourselves, as there were literally busses full of people! Yup, this little area in North Vancouver has seriously grown in popularity over the past couple of years. We can of course hardly blame anyone, as it’s such a unique spot with the most gorgeous forest!

Luckily Jelger and I are familiar with the environment and Katie and Andrew were game to follow us to some more calm spots before braving the storm that is the Lynn Canyon suspension bridge. 😉 Hey, in the end we did get our 2 minutes without people (after a mere 4 attempts! lol)

My favourite thing about this engagement shoot was the way Katie and Andrew are so incredibly comfortable with each other. They just know each other the way only couples with a deeply rooted understanding do. <3

Something else I really enjoyed was discovering the “roof of moss” which looks just amazing and unlike anything else I’ve seen in the forest, lol. See if you can find in the photos what I mean! 😉

Katie and Andrew, thanks for joining us in the forest and we’re so excited for your wedding at the end of the month!


Lynn Canyon engagement photos

Wanting your own engagement photos in Lynn Canyon? Or do you love mossy forest and want to be surprised with a different location? Don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’ve got a lot of ideas! 😉