Lynn Canyon elopement

Lynn Canyon elopement: Karly + Mike

We were thrilled to be a part of Karly and Mike’s elopement in Lynn Canyon Park. As you might have noticed on our blog, Jelger and I love elopements. And to get to photograph this amazing duo in North Vancouver’s lush rain forest: yes please!

When we first arrived at Lynn Canyon, we scouted out some ceremony locations for their elopement away from the suspension bridge. Because beautiful as it is, it’s a popular tourist destination making privacy a bit harder to find. My eye caught a spot we hadn’t photographed at before. Later on when walking there with Karly, Mike and the officiant, we all agreed that nature had provided us the perfect wedding arch! How amazing is that! 😉

It was especially perfect with this duo’s request to photograph “a lot of different trees”. Yes please!! I felt extra honoured when they told us they decided on Vancouver because they stumbled upon our blog! How adventurous of them to just take the chance to come out here (for the first time!) and go for it!

After the elopement ceremony (with personal vows that totally moved me) we explored Lynn Canyon with the couple. And yes, this time we did take some photos on the bridge ;). I also may have gone a little crazy with my fern obsession. There are just so many gorgeous ferns, what can I say. Which then led to “bad fern jokes”, ferntastic. 😛

Karly and Mike are both very creative people. Karly is a professional cook and Mike a science fiction novel writer! (Mike, if you’re reading this, when you publish this, I’ll link to your book!) And you can tell they’re having a lot of fun together. It’s a special feeling when we’re allowed to take a peak into a couple’s dynamic and when they go all out in front of the camera. It’s a vulnerable place to go to, so I’m very grateful for that. <3

We ended their elopement photos at Lynn Canyon’s 30 feet rock pool, with its gorgeous green water. If you’re brave, you can take a plunge, but it’s cold! (no, they were in wedding attire, we didn’t go there, lol) Afterwards the two of them enjoyed a couple more days in Vancouver before flying back to the East Coast.

Thank you so much for the perfect afternoon Karly and Mike!


Oh, and of course I had to add this one! So fun when we get to be the witnesses! 🙂

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