Rocky Point Park engagement photos

Rocky Point Park engagement photos: Lisa + Dave

I was super excited when Lisa and Dave chose Rocky Point Park for their engagement photos. For purely selfish reasons, I should add, haha, because: ice cream!!! Which is exactly how we ended the night. 😉

But first, let me start with how we met Lisa! We’re both part of the same gym (Madlab, I highly recommend this place) and I knew Lisa as “that strong girl”, because she can deadlift A LOT! Yessss for strong women! She’s not just strong, but also smart, which is a good thing when your fiancé is an astrophysicist. When we met David, it was clear right away that they have such a strong bond! They’ve got that vibe of a couple that knows each other through and through.

Back to Rocky Point Park, where we met up for the start of their engagement photos in Yellow Dog Brewing! It was my first time at the brewery and I loved the atmosphere! Port Moody is clearly making a serious effort putting the city on the map with great micro breweries. I’m definitely going back there! (Jelger, will you be my designated driver?!)

When we explored the park, we found gorgeous trees as well as some beautiful beach areas with mountains in the background! Please beware that some of the “beach” is actually swampy mud and that it’s a good idea to test things first. 😉 Later on, when we approached the park’s pier, an overly enthusiastic singer with a microphone serenaded all the passerbys. Lisa told us he reminded her of Italy. 😉

I also love how Lisa brought a scarf (chunni) and included a true Bollywood moment in their engagement photos as a wink to her Fijian heritage. So fun! And after a gorgeous sunset we all went to Rocky Point Ice Cream! This was definitely our first engagement shoot ever with beers AND ice cream. 🙂

Thanks so much for the fun time Lisa and Dave! We can’t wait to photograph your wedding next year!


Rocky Point Park engagement photos:

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