Buntzen Lake engagement photos

Buntzen Lake engagement photos: Helena + Steven

While we’ve photographed at Buntzen Lake before, this was our first time shooting engagement photos there! The fresh layer of snow that covered the entire park, made everything look extra special.

Helena and Steven are both geologists, which is so cool! I hardly know anything about this world, but it seems a fascinating intersection of history and biology. And how amazing that the two of them share this interest! Most of the time, both of them are working in the the Yukon’s vast nature.

It’s inspiring to talk with couples who live the lifestyle Jelger and I are working towards! Eventually we’ll be out in nature somewhere in the North too (but not as far as the Yukon), with bouts of city visits. 😉 Of course, we’ll have to learn lots of the things that Steven and Helena have already accomplished. When distances are huge and “available help” isn’t just a phone call away, you lead an entirely different lifestyle. But I digress, back to Buntzen Lake and the engagement photos. 😉

Buntzen Lake

Helena and Steven had picked Buntzen Lake as the B-plan for their engagement photos. Since snow had made plan A unreachable, Buntzen Lake is what we went with. But often the unexpected plans, are the most amazing ones!

People sometimes ask us if we don’t get tired of shooting at the same (or similar) places, and I always tell them: no. When it comes to nature, the same locations look different every time. Often, it’ll even surprise you with unexpected elements. Like during this engagement shoot, where Buntzen Lake was partially frozen! Something I hadn’t seen yet.

The engagement shoot

The two of them were up for a little walk in the snow and we explored a short hike towards a bridge over the water. I loved the playful energy between to two of them, like when they climbed up on one of those big tree trunks. Couples who play together, stay together! You can quote me on that. 😉

After the forest, we plowed back through the snow towards Buntzen Lake. For the occasion, Helena had pulled out her Mukluks boots, which I loved! I’d been following the Mukluks website for a while. Seeing and hearing her experience of these amazing boots in action (a 2 hour shoot in the snow!) convinced me. I’ve bought myself a pair too, and I am over the moon! It’s like wearing warm slippers, so comfy. 😉

Helena and Steven, thanks for playing in the snow with us! You guys rock! Pun intended. 😉


Buntzen Lake engagement photos