Deep Cove engagement photos

Deep Cove engagement photos: Sharon + Karol

Sharon, Karol (and Irwin, their adorable Dachshund) invited us to Deep Cove for their engagement photos. And to make it even better, we met up at Honey’s Doughnuts before the shoot! Irwin stole my heart right away (and a piece of donut when Sharon wasn’t looking, hahaha). I absolutely loved that they included him in the first part of their shoot. And I’m already excited about his appearance at their wedding this August! 😉

Karol grew up in Deep Cove, so choosing it as the location for engagement photos made perfect sense! In my opinion it’s always a good idea to go somewhere with special memories. 🙂 I can’t even imagine how different it must have been there all those years ago! Nowadays it’s a popular place for hikers and tourists, but 20 years ago it sure was a more private gem.

And it wouldn’t be Deep Cove without some surprise weather, because this spot truly has its own micro climate, nestled between the North shore mountains and Indian Arm inlet. During our shoot it suddenly poured rain! But only very briefly and at a convenient time. Just long enough to wash away the tourists from the pier so we could take some uninterrupted photos there, haha.

Speaking of micro climates: Sharon and Karol shared a beer during their shoot. They love local breweries and thought it fun to include beer and a growler! I’m all for that! 😉 (both for beer and for bringing something personal to your shoot)

My absolute favourite moment of the day was when the two of them changed outfits on the street, hiding behind a little wooden panel from a children’s clothing store. 😛 Definitely including that photo below. These two are SO FUNNY.

Sharon and Karol have planned the most epic party for their wedding day. I can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with, I have no doubt it’s going to be a ton of fun. 😉

Thanks for having us guys and I’m already waiting for August to arrive! 🙂


Deep Cove engagement photos

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