Lynn Canyon engagement photos

Lynn Canyon engagement photos: Mere + Mike

This shoot of Lynn Canyon engagement photos brings a smile to my face!

I mean, come on: such a gorgeous location. Could it be more PNW (Pacific Northwest in case I sound cryptic :))? And that’s not even mentioning the fun duo!

When we met Mere and Mike at the entrance of Lynn Canyon Park, it rained a little. And unfortunately, it continued during the shoot. But luckily no downpour, just some on-and-off drizzling! Despite the weather and the fact that it was a weekday, a surprising amount of people visited the park. Which urged us to look for beautiful, hidden spots close to the river and in the forest. Anything to avoid the crowds :)! Except for the famous Lynn Canyon suspension bridge of course. And even for that, it was nothing a little waiting couldn’t fix. 😉

Mere recently moved to North Vancouver from Edmonton, Alberta. Since her move, Mike’s been introducing her to the stunning nature of British Columbia. Kudos to her on moving out of love. <3 It’s a whole new start over in an unfamiliar place. Aaaaalllmost like moving countries, given the sheer size of Canada.

During the shoot, I noticed how easily Mike could lift Mere up! Very impressive, I can’t remember the last time Jelger ‘swept’ me off my feet like that, lol. Jelger, when you’re reading this, show me your moves, hahaha!

After spending some time at the gorgeously green 30-foot rock pool, we (Jelger and I) scouted for “the perfect patch of ferns”. Perfect including not just the ferns, but also the perfect ray of light illuminating said patch. And yes, this is a thing. Jelger already knows what to look for whenever I call for ‘the perfect patch of ferns ;).

Since Mike and Mere loved both the views at Lynn Canyon Park and Cleveland Dam, we drove there for the second part of the shoot. It’s surprisingly close to Lynn Canyon, I had no idea! We finished the shoot with the beautiful mountains in the background and nothing too soon. We’d barely stopped shooting when a mega downpour started. We all made it back to the cars in time ;).

Mike and Mere, thanks so much for having us! We’re excited to photograph your wedding in Stanley Park and to meet your family and friends!! I know I’m going to have a ball.


Lynn Canyon engagement photos

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