couple photos in the snow in Vancouver

Couple photos in the snow in Vancouver: Wim + Ben

In winter, the Vancouver North Shore mountains are the best locations for couple photos in the snow. Wim and Ben joined me (Tanja) for a snowshoe couple shoot on Cypress Mountain. And they didn’t come alone, they brought Bubba, the cutest husky dog ever. 😉 You’ll see I’m not exaggerating!

Wim is a fellow Belgian (Belgians are slowly taking over Canada, just FYI), who also fell in love with Vancouver and moved here. Ben moved to Seattle from New Mexico. The two of them have adventurous spirits and love travelling and hiking together. I think Bubba is extra lucky, hehe, it’s clear he gets a lot of hiking time and cuddles too!

Our shoot was the perfect opportunity for them to try their new snowshoes for the first time. I wouldn’t have guessed though, seeing how they raced up the mountain, haha. At the end of the shoot, we were (quite literally) chasing the sunset. I felt out of breath and my face was showing all kinds of red, while these two barely broke a sweat. 😉 Totally worth it for the view at the end, though!

What I’ll remember most of this day was how Wim and Ben are so playful together. They spontaneously came up with hilarious things to do. Snowshoe cupids?? Haha. And they certainly were up for racing around with Bubba! I also appreciated the little moments in between, so much love between these two. <3

Thank you so much Wim and Ben (and Bubba!) for joining me on the mountain. I had a great time!


Couple photos in the snow in Vancouver

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When planning to visit the snow and especially in the back country, always keep in mind to wear enough layers (merino wool is amazing!) and make sure someone knows where you are. Even when a trail seems innocent, it’s easy to underestimate nature.