Dog Mountain engagement photos

Dog mountain engagement photos: Allison + Brad

Allison and Brad joined us for an adventure: we hiked up Dog Mountain for their engagement photos! In case you’re not familiar with North Vancouver, Dog Mountain is part of Mount Seymour. The hike takes about an hour one way. While this trail is marked as easy, the last part of it can be a bit more challenging due to the many hikers making the trail “too smooth”, lol. Some of the tree roots are so worn down it gets slippery, if that makes any sense. 😉 But I digress!

Last time we were up Mount Seymour (actually 3 days before this shoot), the weather was sooo challenging with fog and rain, but Allison and Brad got the complete opposite. It was the best we could wish for! Mountains are so unpredictable, but that’s of course all part of the adventure.

For their engagement photos Allison and Brad brought their beautiful dog, Cleo. I love how the two of them rescued Cleo, which is such a big commitment! It’s amazing to see people willingly invest their time, energy, love and money into an animal that didn’t get the greatest start in life. When hiking with the three of them it became very clear how much Cleo has bonded with Allison and Brad. She’s one lucky dog! I thought the “dog on Dog Mountain” was kinda funny, and Cleo certainly was the star of the engagement photos. 😉

Before heading to the end of the trail, we did a short pit stop at First Lake, which is a beautiful small lake with lots of trees. And than at the end of the trail we had the most epic views. Together with that sunset: perfection!

When we finished up, we hiked back to our cars in the dark together. Hint: bring head lights when you know you’re going to hike after sunset! Allison and Brad are experienced hikers and came well prepared. Cleo got her own lights as well, hehe. She made sure all of us stayed close together, I thought it was adorable. I should add that while hiking in the dark is fun: know when and where to do it! We know this area very well and always have accessible maps on our phone etc. Don’t go out hiking in the dark on a mountain you’ve never visited and without proper supplies.

Thanks again for joining us on this adventure guys! Can’t wait to share your wedding photos on the blog too! 😀


Dog Mountain engagement photos

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