Buntzen Lake engagement photography

Buntzen Lake engagement: Dawn + Marcus

We met Dawn and Marcus at Buntzen Lake for their engagement photos on a drizzly evening in the beginning of July. They visited all the way from Redwood City in California! I’m loving how many international couples we’ve been meeting lately! It makes me extra proud to be able to share our local nature’s beauty. 🙂

And beautiful it was! With extra thanks to the drizzle, which made all the greens in the forest even more lush than usual! Over the years I’ve become a moss and fern fanatic (no idea how it happened, lol, but I just LOVE different shades of green in nature). So the lush forest at Buntzen Lake has everything I wish for.

Nature perfectly timed the rain to stop when we exited the forest. And when we walked over to the beach, a bunch of Canada Geese surrounded us. (Jelger would not approve of me saying Canada Goose, lol, head to our bio page if you want to see what that’s all about). Regardless of how Jelger refers to them, we had a lot of fun getting the geese in our photos. One hissed at Jelger, but the rest behaved. (Maybe he offended it with the incorrect use of its name. 😛 )

Thanks Dawn and Marcus for goofing around with us and indulging in our geese shenanigans. We love that you explored Buntzen Lake with us, which is certainly a less obvious place during a short stay! And we wish you all the best for your wedding!


Buntzen Lake engagement photos

Tip for when you’re heading to Buntzen Lake for your engagement photos or for a hike: keep an eye on the closing time of the park! Often parks close after dusk, but Buntzen Lake has it’s own changing hours that don’t go later than 7:30pm in Summer. You can check out the current hours here. The park’s staff kindly warns the visitors by honking a car horn an hour before they close (and closer to closing time as well). Smart move as you can hear the horn all the way across the water!

Wanting to go explore the Buntzen Lake area with us? Get in touch and we’ll make it happen!