The colourful Sikh wedding of Harpreet and Nikhil

On our first meeting Harpreet and Nikhil intrigued us with their love for travel and food. A honeymoon to Europe and a knowledge of places with great pho? Yes please! Needless to say where we met the second time. 😉

As I am writing this, it’s hard to believe 3 months have flown by since their wedding! Going through the photos for this blog post, made us relive their wedding days. Days, because we got the pleasure of photographing not one but two days of celebration! Throughout our time with this fabulous couple, we learned about Nikhil’s interesting facial expressions to make Harpreet laugh, and how they know how to party. But most of all, we loved how they managed to insert some personal touches into their traditional Sikh wedding ceremony, such as Nikhil’s palla (Sikh wedding shawl) which was embroidered with “Nikhil weds Harpreet”.

On the second day Harpreet and Nikhil changed their entire look for the wedding reception: an evening of great food and dancing. The night was the perfect blend of traditional and unconventional: starting out with Indian and Sikh hit songs, ending with hiphop music. That party got crazy! There may or may not be some photos of Jelger’s fine dance moves and of me learning the proper Indian dance moves. 😉


Allright… I’ll share these… 😉