Harrison Hot Springs wedding

Harrison Hot Springs wedding

A Harrison Hot Springs wedding is something that has been on my wish list for a while! After visiting Harrison Hot Springs 2 years ago, we were definitely sold! So when this amazing duo brought us out there we were over the moon! Just in case you’re wondering why I’m not mentioning the couple’s names: they requested to leave them out to respect their privacy. We’re happy to be able to share these photos, thanks guys!!!

The day started with both of us spending some time with the girls. While usually Jelger joins the guys, this time they were bathing in the pool of the Harrison Resort. What an awesome way to start your wedding day! Too bad a public bathing space would be too weird for camera’s lol. 😉

Up until a few minutes before the ceremony, the decision of where to have the wedding went back and forth between outdoors and indoors. The weather was quite unpredictable and to be safe, they decided to stay indoors. And they chose right, because it was pouring outside during the ceremony! Luckily by the time we started the portraits, the rain had finished and we went outside. Sure, it was a little cold, but nothing some booze couldn’t fix. 😉 One of my favourite moments was when out on the pier and a perfectly timed group of birds flew by as I was taking a photo of the couple.

Later on during the reception, I had the best time listening to some Afrikaans! The bride’s background is South African. It’s amazing how many words are the same/similar to our native Dutch. An extra fun moment was when the groom got “roasted” during his speech. It’s a South African tradition during which the guests sing songs and tease the speaker.

Shout-out to the bride’s parents! Her dad made all the flowers and he’s NOT a florist! Can you imagine?! I think he’s got a career option there. Those huge centerpieces were flawless. 😉 And the bride’s mom made the cake, which was by far the biggest cake I’ve ever photographed.

Thanks so much for trusting us to photograph your day guys! We loved every minute of it.


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