Our trip to Harrison Hot Springs

Last Summer we decided to take a mini break (2 days, really) in Harrison Hot Springs. We stayed the night at Rowena’s Inn. Usually when you see a blog post about Rowena’s from a wedding photographer, it’s all about weddings. But I’m not entirely sure they’d allow us to shoot a wedding there after this post… 😉

It was in the middle of the wedding season and we decided to recharge our batteries. I thought “ooh, hot springs”, envisioning myself in a spa like environment soaking my tired muscles for hours. Looking back, I wish I had done a bit more research. It turns out that most of the hot springs are only for people staying in the Harrison resort.

Disappointed we decided to get away from the tourists and take a short hike. The fall-like weather (I had no idea where that came from) and the clouds that predicted rain, made sure we had the trail all to ourselves. It was beautiful.

After a meal in a German restaurant (which totally tasted like the real deal!), we drove back to Rowena’s Inn. It is a bit of a drive from Harrison Hot Springs. Once we arrived there, it felt as if we had gone back in time. All the guests  were elderly and the room had not been updated for ages. As a bonus, Jelger had to catch some spiders in the room and the big gap under our door, let us hear any sound coming from the adjacent rooms.

It felt too early to call it a night, but there was no entertainment close by and everything was so quiet! We decided to sneak out to the boat dock to crack the bottle of rum we bought at the liquor store earlier that night. 😛 We felt like two naughty teenagers. Despite the dark night we found the dock and after sitting down for a while, everything came alive. We saw several bats chasing bugs. Than a big beaver swam right up to us. We could even hear him gnawing for half an hour. It was the highlight of our trip. 😉

The next day, we scouted the area and found a dirt road with some amazing views, including a massive rock formation. We definitely have to go back to Harrison Hot Springs and check out more of the environment!

PS: The last two photos are not in Harrison Hot Springs, but at the Bridal Veil Falls on our way back in Chilliwack.

Harrison Hot Springs

If you’re considering Harrison Hot Springs for an engagements session or any of the fun locations in this post, send us a message! We’re always up for a little trip! 🙂 And check out the beautiful wedding we photographed at Harrison here!