rocks at wreck beach vancouver

Shared passion

When I met Jelger, things felt right. It felt like coming home after a long exhausting journey. We quickly grew very fond of each other and loved spending every free minute together. Jelger was already passionate about photography and bought me my first camera just before we moved to Vancouver. Once we got here, both of us loosened up from our previous stressful lives. We opened our minds to new impressions and a broader future. We dared to dream out loud and what we discovered was beyond our imagination.

wreck beach vancouver

The camera Jelger gave me made me realize that I share his love for photography. It opened the door to a whole new level in our relationship. We became each other’s mentors. Jelger taught me most of what I know about photography and keeps pushing me further; I helped him jump into the unknown and get crazier. We push and pull, we learn from each other and above all: sharing our creative dream makes our love grow even more.

It’s hard to find the right words to describe how I feel when I think of working full-time with Jelger… Knowing that this is going to happen, makes me the happiest girl. It goes beyond ”wedding photography”. It’s about connecting and about love… About knowing how love feels and sharing it through our photographs. About living our dream and sharing our passion with whomever comes on our path.

ocean flowing over rocks at wreck beach

And so we keep walking on our unpaved road, discovering ourselves and we’ll share our journey with you, who are with us from the beginning… This is but the beginning of our amazing journey, you’ll see!