Why I love intercultural weddings in Vancouver

Being born and raised in Belgium, the way I experienced weddings was different than the way I do now. All thanks to living in Vancouver. Allow me to explain.

For the largest part, Belgium is still caucasian and Roman Catholic and so are the weddings. Thinking how other cultures celebrate their wedding ceremonies, never occured to me. Imagine how my world opened up, when introduced to the Vancouver wedding scene!

henna details wedding vancouver

I got to experience weddings from cultures from around the world: Sikh, Chinese and Persian to name a few. The symbolism and details in the ceremonies are beautiful, not to mention the delicious food. But it didn’t end there.

Where the multicultural society of Vancouver shows most is in cross-cultural weddings. I love how couples find an organic way to intertwine their cultures and start a new life together. An example I won’t forget (maybe because there was Belgian beer?) was a wedding, I second shot for Roxana, from Roxana Albusel Photography in June.

Couples find an organic way to intertwine their cultures and start a new life together

The Canadian groom married his stunning Sikh bride. For 2 days, they celebrated their wedding  with both cultural ceremonies. On the first day the groom donned a traditional Sikh wedding outfit and let his bride around the Guru Granth Sahib in the Sikh temple. The day after, his bride shined in her white wedding dress as she said “I do” for the second time.

This is only one of the many examples I’ve seen in the past years. I feel humble and grateful that I get to experience weddings like this, because it enriches my life. It also makes me realize how much we all have in common as humans, regardless of our culture. And it makes me love my job as a wedding photographer even more.