non violence memorial of caen

Remembrance Day

In 2007, one of the first times I traveled with Jelger, we did an improvised camping tour through the little towns and beaches of Normandy. It became a World War tour that left a very deep impression. Just the two of us, the cold and rainy weather, our tiny tent and so much history.

In some small towns it seemed as if the time had stopped and people still lived in the past. A lot of houses still proudly carry an American or Canadian flag to honour the soldiers who made such an enormous sacrifice to regain Europe’s freedom. Many little (and big, like bunkers) elements in the environment are keeping the history alive and make sure that no one forgets how many lives were shed.

Numerous private museums and battlefields told us the stories of real people. So many stories of locals who became heroes in the resistance, finding ways to sabotage the building of the Atlantic wall or exploring creative ways to leek  information to England.

And of course the D-Day landing beaches… Where so many soldiers just ran straight to their dead. For many people every day will always be Remembrance Day.

It made us very humble and silent. Still.