Riverway Clubhouse wedding: Amanda and René

Last September we photographed Amanda and Renés Riverway Clubhouse wedding in Burnaby. I’m still impressed with how much thought Amanda put into the details! It was one of the few weddings I’ve attended where almost everything was homemade. From the cute mugs in the morning, to all the stationery, guest favours and even the flowers and decor! I’m one of those people for whom a DIY project needs to be “fast and easy”. 😉 So I’m in awe for all the work and love put into this day.

At the wedding we photographed our first “not looking first look”. Amanda and René decided to not see each other before the ceremony, but they liked the idea of having a moment with the two of them beforehand. Jelger and I found the perfect corner just outside the church! They held hands and talked about their morning, but didn’t peek at each other. It was very peaceful and I can highly recommend it to couples that don’t want a first look!

Another great moment was the photo time with the bridal party! Before the wedding we scouted out a little park located between the church and the Riverway Clubhouse. Everett Crowley Park seemed a bit weird when we googled it, because it used to be a garbage dump. 😛 But after checking it out, it turned out to be an amazing location that looked a lot like a lush green jungle, so we just had to go there! Vancouver’s hidden gems never seize to amaze me!

Amanda and René chose the perfect venue for their reception. Their wedding had a country vibe so Riverway Clubhouse with its wooden beams and rustic look just fit perfectly! More country atmosphere happened with Amanda’s twin bridesmaids who are amazing country singers! Goosebumps for the first dance with them singing live. And even more when Amanda grabbed the mic to sing for René!

Thanks so much again for having us!

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