Amanda and René’s Whistler adventures

Jelger and I joined Amanda and René on an amazing mini road trip to Whistler. Yaaaay, road trips!!! And if that wasn’t awesome enough, the sky was blue and it was 10 degrees when we left Vancouver!

While hanging out at the gorgeous Alta Lake, we found out that Amanda pets every dog that walks by and is in my opinion a true dog whisperer. They all seemed to know and just walked up to her!

Amanda and René

I absolutely love how playful Amanda and René are together. They both can make each other laugh instantly. 🙂 Amanda took things to a whole new level by “accidentally” pushing René in the lake-that-wasn’t-really-frozen. She came prepared with multiple pairs of socks and extra shoes, so of course he didn’t have to spend the rest of the day with a frozen foot.

We shared a meal together at a pub in Whistler village (MJG Brewhouse) where they served a Belgian style beer with the name Alta Lake Ale. What are the odds after hanging out with a couple of Belgians at Alta, right!!! (we’ll have to try it next time, because we were keeping our heads cool for part two of the shoot)

My favourite part of the day

My favourite part of the day was for sure Amanda and René’s epic snow fight, that started of cute and innocent, but escalated to them stuffing snow in each other’s clothes and tackling each other. I loooved it! It made me realize that I actually never put snow in Jelger’s collar… (*note to self: put on bucket list*)

Jelger loved René’s Fire Fly hat. Amanda made herself, btw! (Check out her fabulous work right here) It’s the only science fiction series that he (Jelger) absolutely loves.

And at the end: snow angels! 🙂

Thank you guys for taking us along for a such a fun day! We can’t wait until your wedding day!!