Riverway Clubhouse wedding

Riverway Clubhouse wedding: Debbie + Juan

Today, we’re excited to share Debbie and Juan’s Riverway Clubhouse wedding with you! But before continuing, this post needs some music to go with it!

Debbie and Juan are both big trance music fans. And they highlighted this during their amazing first dance (both in choice of music as in performance), as well as during Juan’s getting ready. Which Jelger totally loved (he’s been a big trance fan for as long as I’ve known him). For the rest of the day he couldn’t stop talking about Juan’s music choices ;). So, for the full experience, play their first dance song while enjoying this post.

In the morning, things started off very relaxed. Each of them got ready surrounded by their teams of bridesmaids and groomsmen. Next, they made their separate ways to the wedding venue (Riverway Clubhouse) for a traditional Chinese tea ceremony.

Although they’d already seen each other, they still had a first look. But not before Debbie had changed from her Chinese red dress into a beautiful white wedding gown. And my oh my, was it a beautiful moment. You know me by now, I’m a sucker for first looks. It’s without a doubt one of my favourite moments of the wedding day. 😉

From the first look, the wedding couple walked almost straight down the aisle. Thanks to the cooperating weather, the wedding ceremony could took place on the patio outside of Riverway Clubhouse. Probably the best background could you hope for while proclaiming your wedding vows!

After the wedding ceremony, the couple and party joined us for the photo shoot. And luckily we didn’t have to go far for it too. Just down the road of Riverway Clubhouse, you’ll find a beautiful park along the banks of the Fraser River. With the dramatic skies in the background, everything looked like a painting! Seriously, I’ve never seen light like that.

During the reception, the best man surprised Juan and Debbie with a very special surprise! He’d contacted Debbie’s favourite trance DJ (Above and Beyond) and told them the couple’s story. Debbie had introduced Juan to the world of trance. And the music became a shared passion. Which is why Juan proposed to Debbie at an Above and Beyond concert. After hearing the story, the trance DJ sent the couple (via their best man) a beautiful present: a handwritten congratulating card together with an autographed cd. Of course, Debbie and Juan were over the moon :).

Finally, there was that magical first dance. I’ve told you all the details earlier, so all I’ll add is this: look pictures and you’ll know what I mean. 🙂

Debbie and Juan, what a party you two had! We’re very grateful we got to celebrate with you!


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