wedding photographer Jelger at Natural Bridge in Yoho

Natural Bridge and Wapta Falls

Natural Bridge and Wapta Falls are the final two destinations I want to share with you from our Yoho road trip. Next week we leave on our next trip to Horsefly for an amazing wedding.  🙂

When we arrived at Natural Bridge, we were not alone! Because this spot is a famous tourist attraction and the buses park right next to it, it was swamped! Trying to take a photo at Natural Bridge reminded me of photographing a wedding with many uncle Bobs. In case you don’t know who uncle Bob is: he’s the overenthusiastic amateur photographer at weddings, who manages to be in all the wrong places. 😉 Walking around during the ceremony, jumping in the aisle to photograph the first kiss, breathing heavily down your neck to take the same shot over your shoulder, … that kind of thing. 😉 

At some point, it got SO crazy, that I had a guy with camera RUNNING behind me down a slope because he noticed I was walking off the trail to find a different angle. He even ditched his two confused kids in the midst of his chase. No joke, I felt as if there was some hardcore photo contest going on. 

It was our cue to walk further upstream the Kicking Horse River and find a more secluded beach. And as always, just a few minutes later we were all by ourselves. 😉 Jelger threw rocks and I took pictures of it. It was perfectly relaxing. 

Next up was Wapta Falls,  a great hike with way less people! Even from a distance we could hear the waterfalls thundering loudly. They were HUGE, my photos don’t even show the scale of them. And as soon as the sun came out, there was a little rainbow; selfie time of course! This place has something magical… Hard to put my finger on what made it so special. Maybe the constant energy of the wild water, surrounded by old mountains and trees. We explored by ourselves, and spent some time just reflecting. 

On the way back, we had a close “non-bear encounter”. There’s this running joke about me being a bear-repellent person. I’ve never seen a bear in the wild (not even from a car)! And believe me, I’ve done my fair share of hikes. Not that I want to run into one while hiking, but it’d be amazing to see one when we’re driving! During this hike, we were walking back close to sunset, with nobody else on the trail. Suddenly it became very quiet. And we heard a loud sniff and some snapping branches. But that was it. 😛 

Can’t wait to go back to the Rockies! Maybe we’ll have to do a Winter road trip! 


Natural Bridge

Wapta Falls