snowshoeing in the dark at Dog Mountain Mt. Seymour

Dog Mountain hike Winter vs Summer

Dog Mountain hike on Mt. Seymour is one of Jelger and my favourite quick hikes. As it often happens, we end up with a “late hike” on our day off. We start the day sleeping in, drinking coffee, lounging, starting to get bored aaaand wanting to go out for a hike eventually. 😉 Since driving from our appartement (or from anywhere in Vancouver, really) to the parking lot on top of the mountain takes only 30-45 min it’s always worth going!

Past August, when it was still full-on Summer weather, it was the first time we went so late that we had to hike back in the dark. Luckily we came prepared with flashlights and ehm, cellphones. 😉 It was much easier than I anticipated to hike in the dark! What a great option for us night owls. I should add: be aware that when it’s cold, batteries die quickly! And when hiking in Winter, your phone is dead in no time unless you keep it on your body. So definitely don’t rely on your phone’s flashlight to guide you back!

Past Monday, we returned to Dog Mountain for an equally late walk. We even missed the sunset entirely before reaching the top. But with our headlamps and the sparkling lights of the city in the background, it was just magical. The thick carpet of snow silenced everything and it was such a peaceful and quiet experience to hike back in the dark. Not being able to see as much of the environment also surprisingly enhanced my sense of smell. Pines smells soooo good. 😉

After living in BC for 6 years, the gorgeous nature never gets old. And the seasons continuously add more dimensions to our familiar views. Enjoy these Summer and Winter photos!


Dog Mountain hike in Summer

Dog Mountain hike in Winter

If you’d like to go explore Dog Mountain with us in any season, we’d love to do an engagement shoot or even an elopement (if you find an active officiant, heehee) up there! Or if you’re already married and want to go out for photos in your dress… you know where to find us. 😉

Another great hike on Mount Seymour is Mystery Lake! (not available in Winter)