Sawblade Falls hike in Coquitlam

Jelger and I visited the Sawblade Falls in Coquitlam a couple of years ago. Recently when searching for a fun hike we thought about visiting the falls again! Only this time, we were joined by Cathy and Andrew, whose wedding we’re photographing this week, woohoo! Just to be clear, this was not an engagement shoot! And in case you’re wondering why there are so many photos of ourselves, it was for fun! 😉

I loved how our hike turned into a forest photo-op, as Andrew is an avid photo enthusiast too. I dare say he’s actually better prepared than some professionals because his backup and camera game was on point! Usually, on our day off, I feel bad for making Jelger wait for me at trails all the time, haha. But now I had a partner in crime. 😉

Nature spoiled us that day: it truly was Pacific Northwest at its best! We enjoyed the gorgeous lush green forest, with an eerie fog creeping in through the trees. And of course, at the end of the hike, a big waterfall awaited us. One of which I apparently forgot to take a photo. Don’t ask me how I managed to do that :)!  Probably because I was either having too much fun or maybe because I was too busy not tripping on my way down the slippery trail. 😉

Going from the upper Sawblade Falls to the lower ones requires a bit of a hike, but nothing too crazy! Although I must admit that where at first I was making fun of Jelger for bringing his hiking poles, later on, they turned out to be pretty useful on the steep descent to the Lower Falls 😉 And yes, I did take a photo of these falls.

During our hike, it never stopped raining. At first, it drizzled a bit, but by the end, it was pouring. I didn’t mind the least though. The dense canopy of the trees gave us excellent shelter and we were having a great time ;). Not to mention, the rain gives the forest that unique lushness. It’s a tradeoff I can live with!

Thanks, Cathy and Andrew for joining us in our day-off forest shenanigans! We loved adventuring with you and can’t wait to photograph your wedding this week!


Photos Sawblade Falls hike in Coquitlam