Adventure series: Crystal Falls with Robin and Mat

Rock and Crush

For the second part of our Adventurous Series, Tanja and I met up with the fabulous Robin and Mat of Rock and Crush. A website devoted to “celebrating weekend warriors – the regular adults with regular lives and limited time who get their outdoor fix away from the Grind.” The adventurous duo loves to explore the not-so-threaden paths with their adorable puppy Lucy in tow.

The hike: Crystal Falls

On an early Saturday morning we met them for an easy walk to Coquitlam’s Crystal Falls.
Hiking in the early morning, an unfamiliar habit for us. As it was for Robin and Mat until they adopted Lucy. The cute dog quickly converted them into early birds on the hiking trails. But there is a silver lining to a hike in the brisk morning air. You’re out there by yourself, instead of trying to dodge chatty tourist crowds. Tanja and I couldn’t agree more :).

As for the hike: it’s an easy 7 km pretty flat trail that ends abruptly at the Crystal Falls. The path seemed to continue across the water, but crossing it felt a little too dodgy for all of us. The somewhat hidden trailhead at the foothills of the Westwood Plateau is definitely worth coming out for.

The two of them had hiked it a couple of months earlier. And blogged about how it’s an excellent Winter hike Check out their blogpost and notice how much Lucy the puppy has changed in just 3 months!

Robin and Mat

Robin grew up in the Lower Mainland and accustomed to an outdoor lifestyle. While living in New York City for a couple of years, she became aware of how much she missed having natural surroundings. Eventually she moved back to beautiful British Columbia and picked up where she’d left off.

Mat on the other hand grew up in Toronto, but discovered the vast outdoors thanks to his job as a geological engineer. Inspecting mining sites, hydroelectrical dams, tunnels, they all require him to physically go into ‘wild’ nature (where hiking trails are unexistent, and bears rule all). On top of his proficiency in gauging abandoned mineshafts and railway tunnels, being an avid scrambler (the stage between hiking and climbing, I had to look it up too :)), Mat shares one of my big passions: homemade sausages.

Together the couple loves to find unexplored places in British Columbia with their 90’s Mitsubishi Delica which will soon become their second home. Coming Summer, they’re going on a 6 week road trip, kicking things of with their wedding on the sands of the Pacific shoreline in Tofino. Followed by a chain of wedding receptions with family and friends who live throughout the North American continent. Follow their adventures on their website!

Solid advice

To end things we’ll leave you with Robin’s best advice:

“One of the joys of adulthood is being able to make your choices. If you want to live more adventurously – whether that means weekend road trips without a direction, early morning hikes up big mountains, or challenging yourself to try new dishes or go to new places – make that choice, and follow through. We’re all busy. We all have too much to do. But if being in the mountains or on the road is what brings you joy, do it.

You will remember how you felt the first time you woke up somewhere in a tent more than you’ll be remembered for the extra hours at work. You’ll appreciate your partner more when you share incredible experiences together, than when you spend every weekend cleaning in order to have the perfect house. You’ll love yourself more when you get attuned with your spiritual side by spending your time outside, than when you lose 5 lbs by forcing yourself to the gym every 6 am. It’s your life. Make it memorable.”


Crystal Falls hike photos