Olive branch in a tuscany sunset

How I lost and found my rhino

Today, I'd like you to tell a story that I was recently reminded of while rummaging through the treasure pocket of my Moleskine notebook. It's the story of how I lost and…

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rocks at wreck beach vancouver

Shared passion

When I met Jelger, things felt right. It felt like coming home after a long exhausting journey. We quickly grew very fond of each other and loved spending every free minute…

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non violence memorial of caen

Remembrance Day

In 2007, one of the first times I traveled with Jelger, we did an improvised camping tour through the little towns and beaches of Normandy. It became a World War tour…

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nero belgian waffle bar robson vancouver

Interview with Nero Belgian Waffle Bar

When Tanja and I first moved to Vancouver we thought we'd have to say goodbye to some of our favourite Belgian delicacies such as waffles. Of course, you can find waffles…

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