medieval castle in belgium

A trip down memory lane: city views of Ghent

Tanja and I used to live in the fair city of Ghent. Since moving to Vancouver in October 2011, we haven’t returned, until now. And for the first time, we were able to appreciate its visual beauty, and not just take it for granted.

This photo could be taken in any small village in Belgium. Bricks galore!

brick houses in a row

The Aula Academica is the University of Ghent’s most formal building. Both Tanja and I received our master’s degrees here.

aula academica of ghent university

We had our very own medieval castle in the center of the city (torture room included).

gravensteen castle in ghent

Protein-lovers, gather around: on the left is the old fish market, on the right the butcher’s hall.

old fish market Ghent belgium

But the city’s true beauty, shines at night.