crow resting on silver statue at vanier park vancouver

Gut feeling

crow in vanier park vancouver

I often struggle with losing touch with my gut feeling. Years of living in a certain way, led by what society dictates as being right, probably doesn’t help. When Jelger quit his job, to start working for Jelger & Tanja photography, I felt so happy for him. At the same time I felt like the walls around me were closing in with more financial responsabilities and a day job I wasn’t passionate about anymore.

One night after work, every fiber of my body just told me to quit. I got into this huge internal struggle between my gut and my brain. My common sense was screaming at me ”Are you crazy?! You have to make money. You need another job first.” My gut said: ”Just leave. Things will be allright.” Needless to say I didn’t sleep much that night.

crow leaving statue at vanier park vancouver

I started thinking about that gut feeling of mine. Often I don’t think I have one at all, but if I’m really honest and I try to listen to it carefully, it always gives me the best advice. Against all logic, I did give my notice and I’m finishing my job on April 25th.

crow flying in the air

I’m not sure if we’re both getting crazy or if we finally realized again that we (and we alone) are the creators of the life we are living.