Capilano Suspension Bridge elopement: Flor and Craig

One of the perks I (Jelger) love about being a wedding photographer is that I get to discover some of the coolest places Vancouver has to offer, such as the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. Of course, I have our amazing clients to thank for it in the first place. In this case: Flor and Craig.

Living in the US, they had chosen Vancouver for their destination elopement wedding. Together with their guests, they flew out here and planned a day throughout the entire city with the help of Liliana, from Lili & co. weddings.

In the morning, we started out at Blo Blow Dry Bar in Yaletown, where Flor got her hair and makeup done. During her getting ready, I zipped back and forth to the AirBNB apartment in Tinseltown where Craig got dressed.

For their outdoor wedding ceremony, Flor and Craig had chosen Stanley Park’s Ferguson Point. A perfect choice, because the gentle slope next to Vancouver’s Tea House in Stanley Park offers a spectacular outlook on the adjacent Pacific Ocean. The weather gods must have been listening in when Craig softly spoke his heartfelt vows to Flor, because as if on cue drops of rain fell and masked the tears of everyone listening (and that may or may not have included myself).

After the ceremony, Flor and Craig gave us a real photographic treat: lots of time, and lots of scenery. From Ferguson Point we quickly descended the stairs and walked along the Seawall towards Third Beach. But the best was yet to come: Flor and Craig planned for formal portraits at North Vancouver’s Capilano Suspension Bridge.

We expected a tiresome long drive across the Lions Gate Bridge, since it was a Sunday afternoon in Vancouver. But we had the smoothest drive there. Yay for more photo time!

The Capilano Suspension Bridge Park offers more than just what their name tells you. A couple of years ago, they opened an additional attraction called ‘Cliffwalk’, a suspended walkway that curves along the steep cliffs. And of course there’s still the long suspension bridge itself with its vertigo-inducing height above the Capilano River.

When photographing, Tanja and I are always looking for something new, something different (as probably every photographer is) which is a challenge of its own. Add crowds of tourists and you’re in a whole new ballpark. Challenge accepted :). Check out our behind the scenes photograph below.

While Tanja asked, begged and entertained the crowd to wait a few seconds before stepping onto the Cliffwalk, Flor and Craig had the walkway to themselves. And simultaneously, I photographed the two of them having fun from the viewing platform above. It’s still one of our favourite photos to date. 

We finished the day off at Gastown’s L’Abattoir. The location was a pleasant surprise. Working in restaurants throws all kinds of curveballs (lighting, small space). Instead we entered a spacious, beautifully lit private event room.

But best of all: Flor and Craig invited Tanja and me to join them for a delicious dinner. Couldn’t say no to that. That, and toasting with a ‘Craig’s mom’, the until-then unnamed cocktail the maitre d had created for Craig’s mom.

A big thank you to Flor and Craig for the amazing day, and to Liliana, who made everything run effortlessly.

PS: This wedding was recently featured by Rocky Mountain Bride magazine. Check out the feature here

Capilano suspension bridge elopement photos

I was not exaggerating when I mentioned Tanja begged the crowd to give us a minute alone. 😉

Behind the scenes at Capilano Suspension Bridge

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