Buntzen Lake wedding

Buntzen Lake wedding: Naomi + Gary

Naomi and Gary’s wedding at Buntzen Lake took place on a mid-September Saturday morning. Although it was supposed to still be Summer, the weather felt like full-on Fall n the Pacific Northwest. On our drive from home to Buntzen Lake, it rained cats and dogs the entire way. But as soon as we arrived on at the ceremony spot, the weather gods turned the taps off, and kept things dry for the remainder of the couple’s intimate ceremony.

But the weather quirks came with a silver lining! More than one, I should say. First, there were hardly any people in the park. I can imagine this must be a rare thing on a Saturday morning, so I’ll take it! Yay for privacy! And yay for having first dibs on the best spots along Buntzen Lake’s shoreline. The background for the wedding ceremony looked stunning with the mirror-like lake and just a hint of foggy clouds :)! But the second I thanked the weather for, were the forest’s vibrant and saturated colors. Nothing beats the lushness of a Pacific rain forest right after a downpour.

At 10 am, Gary and Naomi spoke their intimate vows to each other, witnessed only by the officiant, Jelger and I. It doesn’t get more intimate than that, which I loved. Afterwards, we had fun taking photos along the (almost) deserted beach, and hunting for good light spots in the forest.

Looking at the photos, I can see how much these two have a calm, profound adoration for each other. The way they look at each other, the small gestures, it’s beautiful. <3

Thank you so much Naomi and Gary for making us part of your wedding celebration!


Buntzen Lake wedding photos

If you’d like to see more wedding and couple photos taken at Buntzen Lake, check them out here! Buntzen Lake always looks stunning, making it the perfect location for a wedding ceremony. I lost track of how many times I’ve visited the park, and every time it looks different!

Bonus tip: the opening hours change with the seasons, so make sure to look up the details here before visiting!

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