Alexander falls engagement photos in Whistler

Alexander Falls engagement photos: Jenn + Victor

After our recent explorations in Callaghan Country, we were excited to visit Alexander Falls again, this time for the engagement photos of Jenn and Victor! This adventurous duo was up for a drive to Whistler with us and having a shoot full of snowshoeing and playing in the snow!

Things started off with a challenge because Jenn’s borrowed snowshoes had a broken strap. Uh-oh. Luckily we found out in the parking lot and not somewhere on the trail. Victor showed himself a true gentleman: he gave Jenn his snowshoes, and used a set of our rubber cleats instead! To our surprise, that was all the gear he needed for the entire hike.

As sometimes happens, the weather wasn’t entirely what we’d expected, but in a good way! With predictions of freezing cold and even some snow, we were all prepared for intense circumstances. Instead, we enjoyed a sunny sky and (relatively) warm temperatures! Still, Jenn’s little heating packages came in handy to keep her hands warm. 🙂

Alexander Falls

Of course, Alexander Falls were the highlight of the engagement photos! Unlike during our last visit a few months ago, the falls were almost entirely frozen. And they were HUGE! Despite the bright reflection of the sun on the ice, we still enjoyed them in all their winter glory. 😉 It must be impossible to approach these falls in Summer in the same way. To get close enough, we had to walk close to the frozen river, which I can only imagine to be wild and gushing when melted.

At one point, in my enthusiasm of photographing, I plowed into the deep snow, and totally forgot about the cameras dangling on my hip belt. By the time I checked them, I’d scooped up a chunk of snow with my lenses hoods. Luckily, our gear can handle some beating and snow. Lol. Lesson learned: when wandering into deep snow, cover my gear. 😉

We spent the afternoon exploring the trail together and spotting beautiful pockets of light in the forest. The weather stayed clear, because the only snow fall we had to shelter from were the patches falling from tree branches. 😉

Jenn and Victor, thanks so much for joining us for this adventure! We loved how much you were game for anything and we had a great time! Looking forward to photographing your wedding in June!


Alexander Falls engagement photos

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