Nikolina + Juraj’s wedding at University Golf Club

We were looking forward to Nikolina and Juraj’s wedding, because after having a great time at their engagement shoot, we were a hundred procent convinced it was going to be not only a beautiful ceremony, but also a great party. 😉

In the morning, the boys were enjoying some excellent Scotch, while Nikolina and the girls had fun doing their hair and makeup. In case you’re wondering: Nikolina’s gorgeous makeup was done by herself! She used to be a MUA, can you tell?  The ceremony was in Croatian, so we didn’t understand what was said, but seeing Nikolina and Juraj’s faces didn’t need any translation.

The reception and evening party at University Golf Club, were filled with beautiful details, such as an ice sculpture to symbolize the union between Nikolina’s Croatian and Juraj’s Czech background. And the party was definitely one to remember! We had to restrain ourselves from posting more party pictures, heehee.

Congratulations guys!