Fernanda and Marcos’ honeymoon shoot in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC

She hesitantly dipped her toes into the wave and shrieked. Despite the warm Spring night, the ocean was still freezing cold. Her newly-wed husband chuckled and grabbed her hand a little tighter. The last rays of the setting sun covered them in dramatic, golden light.

Fernanda and Marcos had just gotten married in their hometown of Cuiabà, Brazil (the geographical center of the South American continent) and were honeymooning in Vancouver. Marcos, a former swimming athlete who is way too modest about it, had previously lived in Whitehorse, YK for 1.5 years and wanted to introduce Fernanda to Canada and the West Coast. Coincidence or not, it felt as if they’d brought the sunshine with them, giving us the warmest April days in years. Few locations are as enchanting as Vancouver on a warm Spring or Summer day, and the couple was sold. Hearing them pondering about perhaps moving to Vancouver made me smile. It’s how Tanja and I felt too on that Summer visit back in 2010. Not to mention the fact that both of them are lawyers too. It must be something about the profession that makes one rethink his or her career choice early on :).

For their photo shoot, we wanted to celebrate Fernanda and Marcos’ love for nature, adventure and traveling, so we picked a couple of Stanley Park’s highlights: the blooming tulips of the Rose Garden and a romantic sunset at Third Beach. But most of all it was about them: two gorgeous people, head over heels in love, being spontaneous and playful.

The moment I loved the most? When Fernanda bravely walked barefoot into the ocean waves and shrieked when she felt how cold the water was. Meanwhile Marcos gently held her hand and lovingly watched and giggled. Stunning.

Fernanda and Marcos, thanks again for working with us. Stay spontaneous and adventurous! And be in touch whenever you’re back in Vancouver 🙂


honeymoon shoot in Stanley Park

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