pre-wedding photos in Stanley Park Vancouver

Pre-wedding photos in Stanley Park: Shanny + Andy

When Shanny and Andy contacted us for their pre-wedding photos in Stanley Park, we were over the moon! Not only did they love the coast and mountains of third beach (yay nature!), they flew to Vancouver from Hong Kong, just for their shoot! I can’t even begin to express how special this made us feel.

I kinda knew Shanny’s dress would be impressive, but when I first saw it, wawza! This wedding dress had hands down the biggest train I’ve ever photographed. Regardless of the train and the delicate dress, Shanny walked on the beach, in the sand and climbed on rocks. It was awesome! And believe it or not, her dress wasn’t even dirty afterwards. Not sure how she did it!

Stanley park is so big that it just has all kinds of different views! With this couple, we went from the beach, to getting an epic city skyline vista, to checking out the Lion’s gate bridge. We honestly could have stayed there and visited a lot of other places. But Shanny and Andy had the idea of visiting their friend’s store: Mister.  I hadn’t heard of it before. You must try it when you’re in Yaletown! They create artisan icecream from scratch with liquid nitrogen. And even if you don’t like ice cream, just looking at them working is totally worth a visit! But let’s be serious, who doesn’t like ice-cream! 😉 

Shanny and Andy, thanks again guys for working with us! We wish you all the best for your wedding in Hong Kong and hope to visit one day!


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