Mariko and Tuan’s Sea to Sky intimate elopement wedding

I’ve always loved travel stories. Listening to tales about exotic places I’ve never seen and imagine what it must be like to experience those exotic sounds, smells and tastes. I started traveling myself pretty frequently as soon as I reached age of majority. Luck would have it that I met a partner who shared my passion for adventure: Tanja and I went on our first city trip together (to Barcelona) when we were dating for 2 months. Eventually we’d move together from Belgium to Vancouver, Canada.

Being adventurous is what defines us. It’s our core, and we love celebrating it. Not just between the two of us, but even more with our clients. And when we met Mariko and Tuan, we could immediately tell that these two were adventurous to the bone.

Tuan grew up in Toulouse, France, but went traveling around the world as soon as he could, and ended up living in Australia for a couple of years. Meanwhile, Mariko was born and raised in Japan, and started journeying herself.

On an eventful day, the two happened to stay in the same youth hostel in Perth, Australia, and crossed each other’s path in the lobby. They started talking and hit it off. Pretty soon they were traveling together, and eventually moved to Canada, first to Whitehorse, YK and to Vancouver, BC next.

When they were looking into getting married, they knew they wanted to get married in a significant place that symbolized who they are. And when Mariko found out about popup weddings organized by Cahoots Creative at the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish, BC, she knew it was the perfect solution.

Mariko and Tuan got married on a warm Summer day, last August. It was small and all the more beautiful. One couple, four guests, sharing pure, uninhibited emotions. The excitement and the tension that hung on the aisle just before Mariko’s dad walked her down. The way Tuan’s eyes lit up as soon as he saw her. The tenderness as he gently took her hand. The guests allowing tears to flow freely. And the money tree where Mariko and Tuan put a sample of dirt of their respective birth countries.

I loved every part of it, and felt honored to be there. Thank you, Mariko and Tuan. Stay amazing!


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