Othello Tunnels in Hope BC

Othello Tunnels hike in Hope

The Othello Tunnels in Hope are one of those locations that everyone has heard of, but for some reason not necessarily visited! Despite living so close to them (it’s only a 2 hour drive from Vancouver) and having seen several photographers doing engagement photos there, somehow it took us 7 years. But we finally visited the tunnels.

When we arrived, we first settled in the forest next to the parking lot, because we picked up blueberry muffins and fresh coffee on the way over. Priorities! (aka luxury hiking) We ended up spending a very long time staring at birds in the parking lot. If you look at the photo of that adorable little woodpecker, you’ll understand. 😉 It doesn’t take much to entertain us as soon as there are animals involved. The 3 ravens that were hopping around were definitely equally interesting.

Eventually we walked to the Othello Tunnels, which are part of the Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park. The tunnels are very impressive and it’s just crazy how they managed to build them over 100 years ago! The canyon itself is equally (if not more!) impressive, with it’s high rock walls and beautiful turquoise river.

Because Jelger was wearing his hat (always a good idea in Summer!), we could play Indiana Jones in the tunnels. 😉 This place truly is a photography playground, so many fun things you could do! If you’re thinking of visiting too, just keep in mind it’s a very popular location! We visited in the middle of a Monday and it was busy! Since the park is open from dusk until dawn, my bet would be to either go super early or close to closing time on a late Summer evening. 😉

On the way back home, we made a quick pit stop at Kawkawa Lake, just to satisfy my curiosity about what it looks like, as it is right next to the road. On the map it appeared to be a tiny lake, but it’s actually huge! What a beautiful spot for floating around on a boat or just to have a picnic. We’ll definitely have to come back and explore bigger hikes in that area!

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you know any places we should check out in the Fraser Valley, let us know! We’re always up for a new adventure!


Othello Tunnels hike

Kawkawa Lake

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