Kenny Falls hike in North Vancouver

Kennedy Falls hike in North Vancouver

Throwing it back to a gloomy November day, when we did the Kennedy Falls hike in North Vancouver. It’s always exciting to try a new hike so close to home! And especially one that isn’t insta-famous (yet, lol). Maybe the fact that you have to commit to 10km of ups and downs over roots, rocks and little creeks deters some of the crowds. 😉

Despite trying to break our habit, we left our place relatively late. If you’re a regular reader, you already know we’re “late hikers”. Meaning we don’t usually decide to go out until later in the day and often need our headlamps on the way back. This happens especially in Winter with its shorter days. But don’t worry, we’re always prepared with maps, lights etc.

One of the benefits of being a “late hiker” is that usually you only stumble upon hikers that are on their way back! 😉 So in this case we had most of the trail to ourselves.

The forest surrounding the trail to Kennedy Falls is just magnificent!! Especially the big cedar on the trail (officially named “Big Cedar”, lol) was extra impressive. Knowing that this tree has been there for several hundreds of years, creates a feeling of everything else being relative.

Another fun part was a steep slope with ropes. Not that you wouldn’t be able to get down without them, but it’d be a tricky affaire. Added excitement: check! Since last year Jelger and I always bring our hiking poles and those have been amazing for steep slopes too! (Costco to the rescue 😉 )

And last, but not least, we made it to Kennedy Falls! There are lower and upper falls, both beautiful and very approachable. I can only imagine how much fun it must be to come back in the Summer and cool down at the falls after that hike! (Way too cold for that in November 😉 )

I hope you enjoyed reading about this hike and I can highly recommend you try it out! If you’d like some more hiking inspiration, check out this page! And if you’re feeling extra adventurous for your engagement photos, get in touch with us! 😉


Big Cedar and Kennedy Falls hike