Osoyoos winery wedding: Negar and Dominik’s first look

First looks. It’s no big secret how much we love them. As a bride, you’re led to the spot where your partner is waiting for you. As you slowly approach him, you feel the excitement rushing through your veins. He looks amazing, and all you want to do is see his face when he first sees you in your wedding dress. And then you tap him on the shoulder and he looks into your eyes. You forget everything around you. Only the two of you are left.

I vividly remember how I felt when I was tapping on Jelger’s shoulder. The look on his face, surprised and moved, and the feeling of intense happiness… Every time I photograph a first look, I feel right back at that moment.

Dominik and Negar’s was a gorgeous first look. So pure and so emotional. Under the canopy of an Osoyoos vineyard, sheltering them from the burning sun, Negar walked to Dominik.

“Honey?” Dominik asked. His face gave away how hard it was for him not to turn around, and look his beautiful bride in the eyes. Negar sighed, wiped away her tears of happiness, and tapped on his shoulder. The moment was theirs.