On the other side of the lens

Usually Jelger and I are hiding our faces behind the camera. It’s much easier than being in front of it! Recently we had the opportunity to be on the other side! Elyse Anna from Elyse Anna Photography was looking for a couple to model and I figured “why not!” The experience was a great reminder of how it feels to be on the receiving side!

Suddenly I found myself thinking about all the details such as makeup, hair, what to wear etc. 😉 It was exciting! The way you look is an important form of self expression.

I hardly ever wear makeup and keep it for special occasions. But for photos I know I love some makeup. It makes such a huge difference! I made an appointment with Lisa Skachkova for my makeup and hair. It was fun to sit back and have Lisa do all the work, haha. She made me feel extra pretty. 

When we arrived at the location, it was quite funny to immediately forget all about poses . “What do I do with my hands?!” “How do I stand?” Yup, definitely need a photographer for that. 😉 

It was also refreshing to try not to think about anything except just be there. It made me realize I want to take more time to cuddle this man of mine.  In the busy hassle of life it’s easy to forget. To just stand there and enjoy the views, connect with each other, breathe, be in the moment. It’s all about connecting. 

How often do we take the time to cuddle into each other and to just be?

To make it even better our location, Barnett Marine Park, had these amazing foggy forests in the background. I LOVE foggy forest. I never get tired of this West Coast phenomena.

Thanks a lot Elyse for the photos! We had a blast and we have to do this more often!