Mt. Seymour couple photos

Mt. Seymour couple photos: Felicia + Daniel

Daniel surprised Felicia with couple photos on Mt. Seymour for their first wedding anniversary (on the exact date!) ! This was the first time Jelger and I photographed surprise couple photos without it being a proposal! And it was a great experience (for all of us :)).

I can’t even get over how much effort and determination Daniel put into his surprise! When planning the shoot, it soon looked as if the weather was going to be terrible. And because this location required hiking (about an hour each way), this posed an extra challenge! On top of all that Felicia had recently sprained her ankles, and had to hike with braces! So impressive that she joined him without knowing about the surprise!

If it’d be me, chances are I’d say“What?! Hiking in this weather? While injured? Ehm, no!” and then drape myself in a blanket and curl up on the couche for a Netflix marathon. But not Felicia, she joined her hubby on this quest and when we arrived (surprise!!!) at Dog Mountain on Mt. Seymour, she was just as excited for their couple photos! Daniel arrived super prepared, btw, with a picnic for the two of them and outfit changes for Felicia!

The originally planned sunset shoot with epic vistas, turned into a wet, gloomy light shoot with epic fog. 😉 But that didn’t bother these two and their adorable dog. They embraced the oh so typical West Coast weather and went for it. 😉 To me this says so much about how they are as a couple! I’m sure they’ll have many anniversaries to come. And I’m crossing my fingers for lots of nice weather, I mean, this was in August!!!

The hike back in the dark proved to be a very wet one. I think even more so for the two of them, as they stayed behind a bit longer. Tip for your safety: always bring headlights when you know you’re hiking after sunset (Costco often has awesome ones!). Never attempt to do so in an unfamiliar environment, for obvious reasons! And always bring snacks, water, a safety blanket and warm clothing! Mt. Seymour has cellphone connection in a lot of places, but not everywhere, so do some research beforehand!

Thanks so much guys for celebrating with us and congratulations! Cheers to many more years!


Mt. Seymour couple photos

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