tequila shots vancouver wedding photographers

The magical powers of tequila

tequila shots vancouver wedding photographer

The first time I met Jelger

I was enjoying my newfound freedom after an emotional break-up, when I was volunteering as a bartender on a tequila themed party in my student dormitory.  Party being 30 people, a DJ and cheap booze. And then Jelger walked through the door. After enjoying a brief chat over a shot of tequila (and having him pronounce his exotic name 3 times) I noticed him on the dancefloor and kept my eye on him all evening. When he was suddenly gone, it struck me that we hadn’t exchanged contact information and I felt very dissapointed.

Was it the tequila? Or did I grow very fond of this cute looking stranger?

scrap paper phone number vancouver wedding photographer

As unexpected as he left, he returned! Relieved, I grabbed the first marker I could find and ripped a piece of paper to give him my number. To be clear, this is something I never did before, and I do mean never. Jelger, the romantic soul, still has the note. Lots of text messages, msn messenger conversations (does that still exist?), a dinner and a lunch date later we became inseparable. So, cheers to the magical powers of tequila!

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