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Kelowna wedding: Jaclyn + Jeff

Three days before Jaclyn and Jeff’s Kelowna wedding, we received a surprise phone call from their then-wedding photographers. Sleep-deprived, they told us how in the past night their baby had come a few weeks early. They desperately needed someone to take the wheel from them, and luck would have it that in fact, it was the only Saturday in September we still had available! Road trip to Kelowna to spend a Saturday with a kick-ass fun couple? Sign us up!

Jelger and I love road trips, especially spontaneous ones (woohoo!). And of course, the Okanagan is an absolutely stunning region. I love the stretches of desert, filled with rock formations and yellow grasses. It always blows my mind how British Columbia hosts a variety of completely different natural environments.

But let’s get back to Jaclyn and Jeff’s wedding. Before starting that Saturday, we scouted the West Kelowna area for a few photogenic spots. First, we went to the Gellately Nut Farm which offers both lush greens as well as the shores of Okanagan Lake. I definitely wanted to create some wedding portraits with both the couple and their wedding party there. Then we scoured the area for the perfect patch of desert, and found it along a random road. Best of all, we noticed that all the previous locations were less than 10 minutes away from each other, and of the the reception venue. Which meant we could check off every item on our location wish list 🙂 How cool is that! Thank you West Kelowna! But before I start sounding like a travel guide (seriously, go visit all those places), let’s once again get back to the wedding!

We started the morning with getting ready photos at Jaclyn’s parent’s place. Jaclyn herself was (impressively :)) relaxed and made the whole day about having a good time! She told me that Jeff and she are currently living in Calgary, but both of them love her childhood hometown Kelowna.

After getting ready, Jaclyn’s dad drove her to the ceremony site in his beautiful vintage truck. I loved that they got to spend that time together before he walked her to the aisle. He looked so proud at her, it got me a little teary eyed. 😉

The ceremony too was an emotional event. First, the look on Jeff’s face when Jaclyn approached him on the aisle. And then the couple exchanged personal and heartfelt wedding vows. It always makes me happy when couples take the time to write their personal vows. These are the moments to remember forever.

After the portrait time, the party started quickly at their reception venue. And on that note, I want to add how much I LOVED the DJ they chose. DJ Invizible killed it with the best 90’s music. So good! And this crowd was very much into dancing! I’m sure they kept going until closing time. 😉

Thank you sooo much, Jaclyn and Jeff, for trusting us to swoop on such short notice! We loved everything about your day!


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