Cypress Falls Park engagement shoot: Fiona and Daniel

Fiona and Daniel chose Cypress Falls Park in West Vancouver for their engagement shoot. It was an outstanding choice given their spontaneous and adventurous nature. But there’s a lot more to tell to this story, so let me explain. 

Tanja and I are wedding photographers for spontaneous and adventurous couples. You’ve probably read this on our homepage. We didn’t randomly pick these two words (actually there’s a third one, candid). They were the result of a long and intense process of soul searching. So to us, they’re not just words. They’re fundamental values that function as a compass in life. To ourselves, and to our clients. Because since we started to celebrate these values we meet the most amazing clients. And often enough they teach us about making these values even more profound in life. Like Daniel and Fiona, who took us to an all new level of adventure.

It was Summer when we met this fun duo for the first time. Despite the season, it was a grey and chilly day, urging us to find shelter in a coffee shop. The hours passed by in a blink as we chatted about all things important in life. Which led us to their engagement shoot. Tanja and I always encourage our clients to get the most out of it by combining it with an adventurous activity. Daniel and Fiona hardly hesitated to bring up one of Daniel’s hobbies: rock climbing. It was the perfect idea: a beautiful couple in an outdoor, rugged location while doing one of their favourite activities.

A few months later we gathered at the location Daniel had scouted out: Cypress Falls Park in West Vancouver. We hadn’t discovered this gem that’s fitted snuggly into a residential neighborhood at the base of Cypress mountain and home to the Cypress Falls. Cypress Creek spectacularly cascades its way down the steep rocks until it finishes in the deep ravine it has carved out with its own sheer force. The canyon turned out to be Daniel’s playground. But first, we had to get there.

Daniel had barely led us down the hiking trail when all of sudden he banked right and sped down a steep slope. Only when Daniel told us it was a rock climber’s trail, I could see vague signs of usage. Eventually we came to an even steeper drop where a few rocks and tree stumps made for an improvised ladder. Tanja and I followed down. And then there was the hardest part of the journey: crossing the Cypress Creek. Unfortunately the water was too high to skip from rock to rock, leaving us the choice of turning back or getting our feet wet. For me this was a tough choice: cold water hurts my feet. Badly. Which is why I always turn down Tanja’s offer to join her polar bear swims.

But this time I wanted to be there for our clients. So off came the shoes and socks. And with the camera clutched to my body as if my life depended on it, I waded through the (what felt like) freezing water. Meanwhile Daniel threaded back and forth through the river (carrying bags and persons on his back) as if it was a hot Summer day. Temperatures must be relative :). After we’d passed the creek a short scramble up and down rocks and tree roots led us to our shooting destination.

Daniel, belayed by Fiona, scaled the canyon wall with agility that a chipmunk would envy. But what I loved most was when Daniel let hang himself upside down next Fiona and held her hand. Could it be more spontaneous and adventurous?

I have to give a shout-out to my courageous spouse. She braved the ice cold water of the river, to take the ‘finale’ photo of the day. I’m still grateful for her for doing it, and the result was definitely worth it.

Shout-out too to Daniel and Fiona. They are truly a hell of an adventurous couple. Thanks for teaching me about the new levels you call everyday life :). You two rock (pun intended)!