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CRAB Park wedding: Sharon + Karol

Jelger and I knew about the existence of CRAB Park, which is certainly lesser known unless you live in Vancouver, but Sharon and Karol surprised us when they told us they’d have their wedding ceremony in the park!

Side note, the all caps in CRAB Park stand for Create A Real Available Beach. And yes, it’s indeed an unexpected little beach in the middle of downtown, with mountain as well as harbour views, therefore very unique! Which meant it was perfect for Sharon and Karol, who had a unique vision for so many parts of their day!

From the get go, we noticed what these two valued the experience above everything else! They took it to a whole new level, for instance treating their guests to ice cream right after the ceremony and allowing the ice cream to be in the family photos, lol. 😉 And the entire evening afterwards included “fun and food”. No seated dinner or “waiting for events”, but rather an evening that was pretty much all party!

The Emerald Supper Club was such a great venue for that too, with different rooms, each with their own character, all in an old school Las Vegas kinda vibe. Did I mention it was all about the party? 😀

Before we headed to the club, there was of course time for the wedding party and couple photos. I loved how Sharon and Karol had a mix of nature and urban in their day! We saw both real mountains and mural mountains. 😉

Something they did, that I thought was such an amazing idea, was to have a small moment to themselves right after the photos and before the reception started. They enjoyed a cocktail at Juniper with just the two of them (we left shortly after they arrived). I love that they could share this private time together, as a wedding day is such a whirlwind of events!

Another favourite of mine was their amazing ring bearer Irwin (you might remember him from their engagement shoot). He did such a good job! Despite getting tired of his tuxedo pretty soon (can’t blame him, haha, it was so hot!), he swiftly walked down the aisle. Adorable! And when I saw the guys’ getting ready photos from the morning I laughed so hard. Definitely the first time ever I’ve seen wrestling socks. Too good. 😉 There are too many other moments to all write down, so I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking.

Sharon and Karol, thanks so much for having us join you for your fun filled wedding day! You stayed true to your vision and I bet all your guests had a blast!


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