Cheakamus centre wedding photography

Cheakamus Centre wedding: Courtney + Anthony

When Courtney and Anthony told us about their Cheakamus Centre wedding, I got extra excited.

This Squamish based wedding venue had been on my bucket list for the longest time. The biggest highlight is, of course, the amazing forest with the mossiest (yes, this is a word now) trees that surrounds the property. And in the middle of those trees, you’ll find the most magical wedding ceremony location. But on top of that, Cheakamus Centre offers you privacy. So unlike in public places, you won’t see any tourists accidentally walk by while you’re speaking your wedding vows! 😉 It makes the entire day feels much more intimate when you’re surrounded only by family and friends.

The morning of the wedding day started with the two of them getting ready in adjoining rooms at the Executive Suits Hotel in Squamish. So fun that they could hear each other on the balcony, but there was no peaking before the first look! 😉

And what a first look they had. Tension often builds up quite a bit, when you’re spending time apart and waiting anxiously for the moment that you’ve planned for a long time… When Anthony finally saw Courtney in her wedding dress, he had a beautiful, emotional reaction (and had me in tears too). I’m pretty sure Jelger just suffered from the dusty air :). They continued the emotional vibe into their wedding ceremony, with amazing personal vows. I can’t tell you enough how special it is to declare your love in your own words.

Jelger and I felt extra spoiled with photo time during sunset, where even though there was no “real sunset”, a mystical fog appeared over the pond and created a very ‘Pacific Northwest vibe’ :). Speaking of the weather, the sky was pretty crazy the entire day! It started out with lots of sunshine, followed by a serious downpour when we had just arrived at the centre. Next came more sunshine, sequenced by another dump of rain in the evening during the reception. But it was all meant to be, though, because as if on cue the skies closed whenever the couple and guests went outside. 😉

Last but not least, I LOVED (and had never seen at a wedding before) the request for “lunges at the dance floor”.  Yes, please!!! I could continue going about the care these two put into the details of their day, but I’ll let you judge for yourself. 😉

Courtney and Anthony, we had the best experience with you two. Thanks so much for having us and I can’t wait to meet your cats soon! 😉


Cheakamus Centre wedding photos

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